04 April 2008

The Game begins NOW – WIN a Gift Voucher from Future Bazaar.

Investorline Services – Diversified Editions

The Game begins NOW – WIN a Gift Voucher from Future Bazaar.

We are pleased to launch our own Mutual Funds NAV system at- mutualfundsnav.blogspot.com where you can access the latest Net Assets Value (NAV) of all Mutual Funds in India (AMC wise).

Its been a short journey since Dec-2007 when we first launched our Life Insurance blog  and then slowly moved ahead and launched the below blogs-


India Investor- http://india-investor.blogspot.com/  - Information on Investment Industry in India and helping Investors in making the right Investments decision. Subscribe to Investor


News Alerts- http://india-news-alerts.blogspot.com/ - Latest News happenings from the most reliable and trusted Newspapers and News reporting sites. Subscribe to News Alerts


Investorline Services - http://investorline-india.blogspot.com/ - Mutual Funds and Life Insurance Advisory Services. Deals in Mutual Funds investments and insurance solutions. Subscribe to Investorline performance reports and research & analytical reports from the MF & Insurance


India Insured - http://indiainsured.blogspot.com/- News related to Insurance industry in India and Life Insurance Policy details, research and analysis of all the insurance companies in India. Will help you find the right Insurance policy for you and your Family. Subscribe to Research into Insurance- India Insured.


Capital Market Basics - http://indian-capital-market-basics.blogspot.com/ - Want to learn and invest in the market but don't know where to go, then come here. It will provide you some of most basics concepts for beginners and advanced strategies for the veteran markets analysts. Its subscriber base includes analysts and employees from some of the best known banks and investment groups. Subscribe to Capital Markets Knowledge Center


Mutual Funds NAV - http://mutualfundsnav.blogspot.com/ - Get the Latest NAV report on all the Mutual funds in India daily. Subscribe to Latest NAV Reports.


Me-Outsourced - http://me-outsourced.blogspot.com/ - Anything that relates to society, Country, or People, you or me with the content topics that ranges from anything to everything for all the age groups across all the countries on earth. Subscribe to Me-Outsourced


Forwarded Emails - http://email-forward.blogspot.com/ - Some Funny stuff (sometimes learning based) – A collection of some of the best mails ever forwarded across the colleges, offices, countries, friends, enemies, kids, people, boss to the employees and to you and me. Subscribe to Forwarded Emails


India Job Explorer - http://indiajobexplorer.blogspot.com/ - A center stage for all the job portals, we will post the job postings from all this sites with the detailed information for that vacancy. (Still Under construction). Subscribe to Job Explorer.


World Festivals - http://world-festivals.blogspot.com/ - A cultural and religious stuff. Will include some basics information & the interesting facts and resources to some of the festivals celebrated across the globe. Subscribe to World Festivals


We would appreciate if you could provide us valuable feedback so that we can improve the quality of our posts and serve you better.  We would also like to invite the articles from you for all the blogs listed above. The Best article will win Rs 500/- gift Vouchers from Future Bazaar (Future Group Company). The Game begins NOW.  


Last date of entry- 10 May, 2008.

Email us at- Indiainsured@gmail.com

Write Subject as: Contest – 4408

Do not forget to mention your Name, Email, contact address, and phone.


The winning post will be posted on our blog and will be sent to all our subscribers across all the blogs.


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PS- Please send only original articles, failing which you will be disqualified from the contest. Feel free to forward this contest to anyone.